First QIP Accredited Dental Practice in WA

The Quality in Practice (QIP) accreditation is awarded by the Australian Dental Association (ADA) to practices that meet all quality, safety and excellence standards as maintained by the ADA. These include medication safety, infection control, care procedures and more. Southbridge Dental was the first practice in Western Australia to receive the recognition.

A Customised Treatment Experience

Your values and goals are different than that of your neighbour. So are your oral health needs. When you come to Southbridge Dental for care, we want to get to know you on a personal level to cater recommendations appropriate to your current and future oral health goals.

Anytime we recommend a particular type of treatment, we will share information with you through digital X-rays and imaging technology that allows you to see what we see. After presenting all viable options to you, we will outline the appropriate care plan including all associated fees that are involved. You will never have to expect the unexpected when it comes to treatment expenses.

Explore dental care that’s focused on you and your family. Contact Southbridge Dental in South Perth today. We’re open Saturdays for your convenienc

The Southbridge Story

The South Perth family dentists at Southbridge Dental have over 70 years of combined experience. Our facility originally opened in South Perth in 1993 at the Southshore Building, and have been in our current heritage location since 2007.

Our South Perth dentists, Dr Louise Winters, Dr Simon Shanahan, Dr Millicent Woon and Dr Lee Jasson, focus on tailoring their care methods in a way that

  • Creates a comfortable, friendly, professional atmosphere
  • Develops a trusting relationship between your family and our team
  • Meets the physical, emotional and budgetary concerns of our patients

In addition to providing exceptional care inside of our practice, our dentists frequently volunteer with mission organisations and charities that offer essential oral health care to those in need at home and abroad


Disposing of waste responsibly and recycling where possible is important for the health of our planet. This is why Southbridge Dental has partnered with Terra Cycle to become a collection point for all your oral care waste. Products we recycle include:

  • Toothpaste tubes and caps
  • Electric toothbrush heads
  • Floss containers
  • Manual toothbrushes
  • Interproximal brushes

Please bring your waste along with you to your appointment or feel free to pop in during our opening hours and drop them in the bins conveniently located in reception. We then ship these off to TerraCycle for recycling into numerous consumer products.


The Southbridge Dental team have a long history of Volunteering their time and resources in multiple different ways.


Dr Louise Winters has volunteered with the Children’s Health Aid Team (CHAT) providing dental services to disadvantaged children and their carers at orphanages, temples and schools in remote communities in Vietnam. Sadly, the pandemic halted this wonderful charity for a while. But trips are now resuming so she looks forward to resuming her volunteer work with CHAT soon. If you would like to donate or support this charity, please visit their website. https://www.chatinc.org.au/

Kimberly Dental Team Ltd (KDT)

The Kimberley Dental Team is a team of visiting volunteers from the dental profession and allied health professionals, aiming to enhance current resources and levels of dental care for indigenous children and their families in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Dr Simon Shanahan, Dr Milly Woon and assistant Louise Richards have volunteered on multiple trips since 2014. Donating a week at a time, they work long hard days delivering dental care to as many people as they can, and camp in swags under the Kimberly stars each night. What an incredible way to give back to those in need of care in such a remote pate of our state.

For information on Simon’s most recent trip to the Kimberly and for more information about the KDT and how to support them please visit http://www.kimberleydentalteam.com/.

Equal Health

In 1998, Simon, with his friend Paul Clarke (optometrist) co-founded Equal Health. He is Immediate Past Chairman. Equeal health provides free multi-disciplinary health services to people in need in developing countries who would generally not have access to such care. Equal Health has provided thousands of life changing appointments over the past ten years in developing countries like India. The Covid pandemic saw the dental arm of Equal Health close in 2021 after 23 years of overseas volunteering.  

Our Commitment to You

We pride ourselves on striving experienced dental care to you and your family. We will do this for you in a consistent, caring and cheerful manner that caters to your understandable concerns and needs.

Our Commitment to The Community

Our dental team passionately volunteer their skills and time for a number of community organisations at home and abroad.

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